Halloween Movies October 17 2020

We are giving our Holiday Movie picks: Darkness Falls This movie is an unexpected view of being scared of the dark when Darkness Falls starring Chaney Kley. When a young boy grows up believing in a real goblin that preys on those who reach maturity, he becomes the only person in town who can save … Continue reading Halloween Movies October 17 2020


Halloween Movies October 13 2020

We are giving our Holiday Movie picks: Hollow Man Kevin Bacon stars in Hollow Man. A perfect title depicting the star role of Sebastian, a self center egotistical scientists who is working on the formula to make people invisible but to bring them back to their former visible self. Elisabeth Shue, Josh Brolin, and Kim … Continue reading Halloween Movies October 13 2020

Movie Monday March 23 2020

If you are looking for twists and turns in a killer mystery, Jack Reacher fulfills that description. While Jack (Tom Cruise) is normally a recluse, he comes to the surface to either bury or clear the name of an old army buddy who once commited a crime. Need a copy of Jack Reacher? Find one … Continue reading Movie Monday March 23 2020