Feel Good Friday December 6 2019

After a customer found out a Denny's Restaurant waitress walked 14 miles to work, they went and bought her a car! What a Christmas present!Join us for more fun, facts and news at stream.967theeagle.com on the internet or 96.7 FM on the radio between 10 am and 2 pm weekdays.

Movie Monday November 25, 2019

Planes Trains and Automobiles expresses the importance of remembering what is important in life and empathizing with others who either don't have or have lost all that was important. John Candy and Steve Martin play the widower and husband separated from their loved ones only in different ways. Join us for more fun, facts and … Continue reading Movie Monday November 25, 2019

Saturday Matinee November 23, 2019

The local hardware store, Kabelin's, serves complimentary popcorn. A perfect enticement to lure Kimberly Sue into the store. In South Africa, it is more than common to roast up some good ol' termites and ants and call em' popcorn. MMMMMmmmm boy, can't wait to try them termites! Join us for more fun, facts and news … Continue reading Saturday Matinee November 23, 2019