Saturday Matinee

Chris Long of Reno Nevada was surprised to find out that he didn't really know who his own name. This man had a bone marrow transplant from a gentleman in Germany.  The German fellow's DNA is taking over Chris' body.

What do You Know Wednesday January 15, 2020

Whenever you are bored, just start playing with your 3D Printer to make yourself a Stormtropper uniform. A gentleman in Utah made a bulletproof Stormtropper uniform. We're just curious what he plans on doing with it. Logical choices: Star Wars reunions, Convenience store robber, or maybe ebay item to sell

Feel Good Friday December 20 2019

Hunters in Michigan have the Christmas spirit! In all, Michigan hunters will donate enough venison to serve 232,000 meals to the hungry! That's what we call getting the job done! Join us for more fun, facts and news at on the internet or 96.7 FM on the radio between 10 am and 2 pm … Continue reading Feel Good Friday December 20 2019

Movie Monday November 25, 2019

Planes Trains and Automobiles expresses the importance of remembering what is important in life and empathizing with others who either don't have or have lost all that was important. John Candy and Steve Martin play the widower and husband separated from their loved ones only in different ways. Join us for more fun, facts and … Continue reading Movie Monday November 25, 2019