Holiday Movie Pick

The Raven A 2012 thriller perfect for Halloween and getting to know more about Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven provides mystery and gore for that spooky Halloween scare. John Cusak plays Edgar in a detective style roll when his one and only love becomes kidnapped at the hands of a serial killer. Read about more … Continue reading Holiday Movie Pick


What Do You Know Wednesday January 22 2020

Be careful with those thrift store couches. You never know just what is inside those cushions. A Michigan man bought a couch at a thrift store with a footstool that contained over $40,000. The honest gentleman contacted the thrift store, found the original owner who received the couch after her Grandfather had passed. They had … Continue reading What Do You Know Wednesday January 22 2020

Feel Good Friday December 20 2019

Hunters in Michigan have the Christmas spirit! In all, Michigan hunters will donate enough venison to serve 232,000 meals to the hungry! That's what we call getting the job done! Join us for more fun, facts and news at on the internet or 96.7 FM on the radio between 10 am and 2 pm … Continue reading Feel Good Friday December 20 2019