Movie Monday November 18 2019

What can you say other than excellent when the movie involves Jim Carrey and Matthew Briderick. This drama thriller shows a desperately lonely man asking for attention and a passive aggressive 9-5er bump paths in their roads to make an interesting thriller. A 1996 drama thriller with box office sales of 102.8 million with a … Continue reading Movie Monday November 18 2019

Movie Monday: October 21 2019

Movie Monday for October 21, 2019 features the movie Rampage (Action Adventure Sci-Fi/ PG-13) with Dwayne Johnson From 2018. Primatologist Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) joins an Albino gorilla named George who accidently inhales experimental genetic material that enhances his growth rate and size. The two encounter villains on the journey to find an antidote to … Continue reading Movie Monday: October 21 2019