What do You Know Wednesday March 25 2020

Remember that old saying when in the school restroom, “Can you spare a square?”as you lift your hand under the next stall? At home there’s no one in the next stall to ask, so being prudent with the TP can help you out in the end (pun intended).

In the trying times of TP warfare, using a little less can be beneficial.

1. Your plumbing will love you,

2. your wallet will see more incoming greens than outgoing greens,

3. your friends will praise you for not “protecting” all of the TP you can find at the store,

4. and you’ll have fewer fights at the grocery store.

In the end (pun intended), you are just buying TP with hard earned cash to flush down the toilet. Be Prudent.

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4 thoughts on “What do You Know Wednesday March 25 2020

  1. My dad buys the hard cracked corn to put on trees and feed the squirrells and he said he has been saving up the empty cobs in case there is a TP shortage.
    He thinks he is funny but we just find him gross.

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      1. My friend sent me a clip today where all these Australians were out getting toilet paper roll tattoos to ‘celebrate’ surviving coronavirus era. I think being open and honest is different from just being, well, an idiot that has to live with toilet paper tattooed on their flesh long after this situation comes to pass.

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