Totally Useless Thursday March 5 2020

Did you know that William Shakespeare invented the name Jessica for one of his plays? He also invented the word assassin. On the other hand Dr Suess invented the word Nerd. Did Dr. Seuss invent the word Nerd with Mr. Shakespeare in mind and Shakepeare retaliated with assassin?

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2 thoughts on “Totally Useless Thursday March 5 2020

  1. This is my understanding of the derivation of the word but Shakespeare sounds better if his name was spelled correctly 🤣
    “The word “assassin” derives from a secretive murder cult in the 11th and 12th centuries called the “Hashishin”, meaning “hashish eaters”. While much of the origin of this cult has been lost, the original leader was Hasan Ben Sabah, a prominent devotee of Isma’ili beliefs”

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