What do You Know Wednesday March 4 2020

A threatening goat entered an adult group home in Oregon last week forcing the residents to barricade themselves inside a room and call police officers to rescue them.

Doesn’t anyone grow up on a farm anymore? How can a goat “act in a threatening manner” in a room full of people? It sure is a good thing those people had a phone on them so they could call more people!

Photo Credit InstaViewpoint.wordpress.com

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9 thoughts on “What do You Know Wednesday March 4 2020

  1. That makes me angry and sad. I had a pet goat as a kid, and I have always loved them. I’d have one now if it weren’t for the village’s ‘no hooven animals in town limits’ law. Goats may lick your hand or nibble gently, but they are hardly scarier than a poodle.

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  2. haha, corona, goats… A lot of fear around us for the “unknown”. But true about growing up on a farm. My kids are also easily scared, because they are not familiar with it. It’s not easy to change that, because they’re growing up in an urban environment and we can usually only expose them to such new experiences during the holidays.

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