What do You Know Wednesday February 26 2020

The other day in Chicago a woman and her dog fell into the Lagoon. No, not the Blue Lagoon. The lady ventured out onto the ice to rescue the dog that had fallen into the water. In her attempt, she also fell into the water. This does not mean there really is a creature from the Black Lagoon.

The dog, smart as they are, was able to rescue himself from the lagoon but the lady called upon the help of the fire department to “tube” her way out of the Chicago Lagoon. That sums up our investigation of who is smarter, dogs or humans.

Photo Credit: InstaViewpoint.wordpress.com

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One thought on “What do You Know Wednesday February 26 2020

  1. Trying to save your beloved pet that way makes more sense to me than a story last week where some women dove into a frozen lake to go after her smart phone.

    Dogs definitely have the upper hand these days. Smart products are making humans dumber.

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