Feel Good Friday February 21 2020

When talking to a very nice but naive friend, we were discussing the “best buy” date on food packaging. Some people are very particular and throw out anything that is past the “best buy” date. But what if the package has today’s date February 21,2020 and the best buy date is February 20 2020? Do you throw out the package of expensive food or do you chow down? Our friend’s answer was “Eeewwww, throw it out! How yucky!” This one made us take a deep breath.

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3 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday February 21 2020

  1. It depends on what kind of food you’re talking about. I usually keep milk 4 days past the best by date, but when it comes to meat, if I am in doubt, I throw it out. I’ve had food poisoning and I do not want it again ever. Something like Twinkies or chips, though, meh, I’d eat those 2 years after the best by date if they didn’t have mold.

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